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Contact: Dr. Fiona Citkin,, 908-350-3051



Women Immigrants: Share Your Story in a New Book


WARREN, NJ: If you're a woman who came to the United States from another country, you could be part of the next book by diversity expert and widely published writer Fiona Citkin.


Dr. Citkin's new project, with the working title, A Second Start: How Women Across Cultures Make It in America Contributing to America’s Well-Being and Cultural DNA, will look at the resiliency and grit of women who came to the U.S and helped create the country we live in today—women who overcame obstacles of language and culture, left behind everyone they knew and every place that was familiar, and made new lives for themselves—rising like the phoenix from the ashes of their former lives.


Citkin is seeking to interview women from a wide range of countries and from all walks of life. Interviews may be conducted by e-mail, over the phone, and/or in person.


The goal of the book is to examine the special challenges of female immigrants and then establish/extrapolate the roadmaps for success and specific skills tool set that will benefit other women immigrants in their pursuit of freedom, happiness and success—helping to solve their real-life problems. It will celebrate immigrant women and also contribute to women's and ethnic studies as it documents similarities and differences between immigrant and native women, and among women of widely different cultures and economic conditions.


Women who would like to be interviewed for the book are invited to contact Citkin by e-mailing or calling (during Eastern Time business hours) 908-350-3051.


Born in Ukraine and educated in Russia and the U.S., Citkin has published two previous books of her own and two more that she edited; she's written more than 80 articles on diversity for scholarly publications in at least six countries (U.S., Russia, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland). She has spoken at conferences across Europe and North America. A Fulbright Scholar who is fluent in three languages, Citkin immigrated to the U.S. in 1994. She runs Expert MS Inc., a New York-area international consulting firm focused on intercultural communication ( Her second book, Transformational Diversity (published by the Society for Human Resource Management), has been praised by executives from UBS, Deloitte, Colgate, and elsewhere (her first book was published in Russian). She was named a "Champion of Diversity, 2012" by