Cracking the Code

How American Immigrant Women Leaders

Achieve Success under Stress


The upcoming book is about immigrants' need to crack the immigration code: a set of complex and mostly unspoken socio-economic rules of the game in the new culture. It’s also about a special vulnerability of immigrant women, their "double jeopardy," and the American cultural trends that shape success.


Insightful narrative Portraits of 50 women-leaders, including some celebrities (Ivana Trump, Isabel Allende, and Gloria Estefan among them) come with pictures supplied by these stars. 50 shorter Sketches present Arianna Huffington, Madeleine Albright, and Natalie Portman, among others.

The book will look at the American culture trends and how they shape resiliency, grit, cultural integration, and achievements of today’s first-generation immigrants who came to America and helped build the country we live in now. Their success stories describe surviving and thriving in the new country. These strong women profiles, along with their interviews—plus reality-based advice and collective brilliance—entice us to learn from such role models, and accelerate our own self-helped success, which is often success under stress.

Revelations of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner meet Up Close and Personal                                                               in this narrative non-fiction work with 65,500 words and 250 pictures.

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This is a potential bestseller - because of 3 metrics:


Metric 1: Author’s and book subjects' combined 5 million+ platform and big demand for author’s interviews;


Metric 2: Triple-rooted-potential market comprising: all immigrant women (12% of the American women population), plus native-born Americans looking to learn from modern mavens’ “success under stress,” plus 138 million upcoming immigrants (the US remains the most popular destination for migrants worldwide, according to a Gallup poll-2013);


Metric 3: It’s an evergreen book by design, with ever-expanding content for later editions.

Description: C:\Documents and Settings\Fiona Citkin\Desktop\At Luda's wedding.jpgBrief Bio: A successful immigrant from Ukraine, Dr. Fiona Citkin came to America as a Fulbright Scholar studying languages and cultures at Kent State University. She published two previous books on language/translation and cultural diversity. Her monthly Huffington Post column explores immigrant women’s success: With experience as Director of Berlitz and a personal consulting portfolio, Fiona has skills in public speaking, marketing, entrepreneurship, and of course, intercultural communication and languages.                                                                             

She can be reached at